Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeah. So as the heading says, I made Carbonara. With um. Vermicelli. Only mine is really really improvised.

I used 2 eggs, about 3/4cup milk, a handful of sliced swiss brown mushrooms, a small hunk of salt cured ham, a generous helping of olive oil, black pepper, and mixed herbs and a clove or two of garlic.

I cooked the pasta first. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be enough, but I really gotta get a hang of estimating how much the pasta expands. >.> I used maybe a 1 and 1/2 cm radius circle of pasta? lol. If you catch my drift. They say you should reserve some of the water.

Then I heated the oil in the pan, threw in my diced ham and fried it. Then threw in the cloves of garlic which had been crushed and peeled. Then removed the garlic and ham, and put in the mushrooms. At this point, the mushrooms sort of absorbed my oil. So.. maybe I’ll think of some other time to put in the mushrooms. Then I put in the milk and seasonings. And tried to reduce it. Didn’t work that well, but perhaps some flour might help. I always remembered my white sauce reducing really fast.

Then throw the ham and pasta back in, and stir. Turn off heat, stir a bit, then pour in beaten eggs and stir. The eggs shouldn’t become cooked. Like.. scrambled eggs. That’s a no-no. It should make it.. silky.. and.. I don’t know. Well, it tastes okay. Though perhaps it needed a bit of salt. I should have used streaky bacon.

That’s your recipe for today~

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