Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted. Well, it has been a mix of emo-ness, laziness, and busy-ness. I suppose several things of note have happened, but otherwise not really. I’m just trying to make it day by day.

But in good news, I got a Band 5 for MUET~ Highest marks in the school. >3 11 marks away from a Band 6. Extremely pissed because I got 30 out of 45 for Speaking, and I thought I did pretty alright, not to mention they gave me some bullshit topic to talk about. My Task A was to talk about how it was important for Malaysia to bring in foreign workers so that Malaysian women can join the workforce. Uhuh. I sat there for half the time allotted for thinking, THINKING. With no results. Luckily I cottoned on to at least one idea. Otherwise I’d have been done for. But honestly. 30 out of 45.

I got first in class again for mid year exams, but that’s not really an achievement. But I did get 9th in the whole form, and they counted by how many As you get, then how many Bs… and.. some strange system. But I’m quite alright, I suppose. Except perhaps… Math and Chem. Chem was awful. I seriously couldn’t answer. Luckily I was pretty alright in guessing the answers for Paper 1.

Transformers 2 was a thrill the first time I watched it, but it had a lot of crude humour and unnecessary bits. Skids and Mudflap IMO are kinda… well, they’re only kickass for ONE bit in the entire movie. Otherwise, they’re kinda stupid. They’re fast talking, I’ll give them that, but still rather crude. Wheelie humping Mikaela’s leg and thinking she’s hot? Really a bit much, since well… You see my point. Why would he have any need to HUMP? And Megan Fox is not SO HOT she can transcend the boundaries of species, thank you very much. This seems to be the lines of thought of boys, where Megan Fox is only important as eye candy. Quite honestly, I feel like she’s just there to pose and look pretty. And dude, the movie’s name is TRANSFORMERS. Not SAM WITWICKY AND HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE EXTREMELY HOT MIKAELA BANES. With extreme emphasis on HOT.

I mean, I suppose she would be cool. But she doesn’t have to spend the entire movie trying to look hot. The scene where she first appeared? Sitting on a bike, looking hot, with her teeny tiny shorts stretched over her ass? Right. Not to mention that it was the completely wrong angle to be spray painting anything on the bike which is on the bloody other side. Try drawing something with your eyes nearly level to the surface of the paper and you’ll get what I mean. And her make-up is always perfect. Pretty much. When Sam argues with his parents to get into Bee and get to safety? Okay. Then he turns to Mikaela, and she’s like, I’m not gonna leave you, and he doesn’t put up a fight. UHUH. Which is easier, having someone for ‘emotional support’ and having to drag them clear across an expanse of battlefield and worrying for them not to mention being held back because you HAVE TO HOLD HANDS AND MAKE SURE SHE’S OKAY, or convincing her to stay back, making it across the desert much faster alone, and know that she’s at least somewhere safer than you are.

In essence, the movie and its plot is rather crappy. You have all these Decepticons coming in for an assault, and you have a grand total of maybe 12 Autobots. As someone in LJ said, Every one in this bloody movie dies and comes back to life. What about Jazz? I mean seriously dude. Ratchet gets a grand total of two sentences in the entire movie and possibly screentime as a background character of maybe 5 to 10 minutes, Sideswipe is cool, but equally left behind, Prime is just goddamn CHEESY. He wasn’t this cheesy in the first movie. The coffeemaker bot transformed a gatling gun in the general vicinity of his crotch, giving the impression that he was shooting off a pseudo-dick, and all Decepticons apparently have to spit. Random evil bots do fart too apparently. And so does Jetfire. And dude. Jetfire has a bloody WALKING STICK. WHY WOULD A TRANSFORMER NEED THAT? And if you check the official movie-verse book, with descriptions and such… they give it some sort of kickass name and purpose. Hah. All he uses it for in the movie is to not fall over, and to occasionally hit things.

Conclusively, only watch this movie for the action scenes, and Transformers transforming. That’s about all it’s got for you, unless you’re a guy. Then you may go and watch Megan Fox. But personally, I think that the moviemakers are just lame. There was even that awful spoof where they said they were spending a great part of the budget making Megan Fox even hotter than before, and Fox vision. =_= This is the essence of most young men. Thinking with their dicks. The scriptwriters and Bay are better off making some romance movie cum porno. Starring Megan Fox. Focusing on Megan Fox. And the porno. Because there’s nothing better in the world than hot women, and we have to give ourselves as much chance as possible to ogle at them.

I’m so gonna grow up a feminist activist.


LOL Well anyway. That above post was typed out a long time ago. On another note, I’ve been listening to Star Trek’s Score recently, and it’s awesome. My favourite is Labor of Love. I swear, I knew it was going to be a good movie when it made me cry within the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. 8Db