My brain go poof.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5704157  Seriously. My brain is just mush. Absolute mush. Equilibrium between liquid and solid state. I lost all my brain cells trying to do Physics paper 2 and bullshitting Pengajian Am paper 2. Thankfully I’ve got a free day tomorrow, to study Chem. I hope I can do it. My brain is really… well. Not Happy.

I’m intending to start a Free Hugs campaign small scale. In the Form 6 block. He doesn’t hug, but I hug him. Lol. And he gets totally wtf-ed. He’s nice and warm though.

Your crime for today :

Um. Nothing much. Maybe traumatizing people with crazy talk? Meh. Too busy trying to scraped grey matter off the inside of my skull.

And on another note, McCain and Palin are just… well. Detrimental to society. Kinda like me, only worse.

Two steps away fro- OMGAWDWATEHF.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quite honestly, in a life like this you take what you can get. And that is, minimal coherency. As long as you can write, all is good. And I know I’m bullshitting, because all my circuits are scrambled from Malaysian Studies. The moment I turn a page, I forget everything I’ve just read. I have serious problems with short-term memory loss. I dub this… the Goldfish Syndrome.

On another note, I really ought to be doing some Physics work. Tomorrow’s first paper is Physics. It’s objective, but still. Alot of theory, and calculation, and I have absolutely forgotten how to do the earlier chapters. I’m so shitted.

My sis just came back. She was telling me about how the baby was bouncing around on the ultrasound. Very cool. And very cute~ Can’t wait.

Your crime of the day :

Nothing actually. Except maybe happily molesting a certain guy’s tummy. I’m not sure what to think, whether he does like me or not. Because ever since I’ve re-accepted his presence again, he tries to hang around me. He was really shocked when I said those three words again, but he didn’t really do much. My other crime : procrastination. It’s great. I’m putting everything off. I’m torn between doing Physics and reading PA. Had to resort to some dirty underhanded tactics. Like thinking about causing mass mayhem with a tuna and a tuning fork. But I’m under probation, so I really shouldn’t. >:-3 But one day.

Srs Business.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First time using Windows Live Writer Beta. And first post in blogger~~ In two days my end of year exams begin. First up, Physics paper 1 and Pengajian Am 1. Absolute bullshit. All about the Malaysian government and how it works. Why would I have to memorise all the Kementerian and their Jabatan? I haven’t even finished revising for math, Chem and Physics yet either. I’m so screwed.

Your adventure for the day :

I crashed a class party. They were really nice about it. I was pretty nice too, not shooting people and banging their heads into random hard surfaces. The banana cake was nice, but I missed the muruku. Hot damn. I’ll need to rob a store after this, or squeeze some through use of my Pitiful Mew.

Welcome to my world of bullshit. Have a head desk.