My brain go poof.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5704157  Seriously. My brain is just mush. Absolute mush. Equilibrium between liquid and solid state. I lost all my brain cells trying to do Physics paper 2 and bullshitting Pengajian Am paper 2. Thankfully I’ve got a free day tomorrow, to study Chem. I hope I can do it. My brain is really… well. Not Happy.

I’m intending to start a Free Hugs campaign small scale. In the Form 6 block. He doesn’t hug, but I hug him. Lol. And he gets totally wtf-ed. He’s nice and warm though.

Your crime for today :

Um. Nothing much. Maybe traumatizing people with crazy talk? Meh. Too busy trying to scraped grey matter off the inside of my skull.

And on another note, McCain and Palin are just… well. Detrimental to society. Kinda like me, only worse.

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