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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First time using Windows Live Writer Beta. And first post in blogger~~ In two days my end of year exams begin. First up, Physics paper 1 and Pengajian Am 1. Absolute bullshit. All about the Malaysian government and how it works. Why would I have to memorise all the Kementerian and their Jabatan? I haven’t even finished revising for math, Chem and Physics yet either. I’m so screwed.

Your adventure for the day :

I crashed a class party. They were really nice about it. I was pretty nice too, not shooting people and banging their heads into random hard surfaces. The banana cake was nice, but I missed the muruku. Hot damn. I’ll need to rob a store after this, or squeeze some through use of my Pitiful Mew.

Welcome to my world of bullshit. Have a head desk.


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