First rant of the year.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

….First of all, I have to roar. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOARRRGH. I swear that woman is so… UGH. She has this personal vendetta against me, I swear.

Right, so it started this way. She was lecturing all of us about how we wouldn’t stay back, and missed co-curricular stuff because we kept wanting to go back early and go tuition, or whatever. So she said, the next day there would be a meeting, no excuses, be there. Now, VI has this thing about… you’ll never know when you’ll be done. They never give you a fixed time. My mum is kinda a stickler for punctuality. She wants to know when I’ll be back, and early. And I can’t stay a minute longer than the time I give her, or she’ll verbally whack me to kingdom come. So I asked a very normal question. When will we finish?

She blew up at me.

Going on and on to all the girls about how THIS WAS THE KIND OF GIRL SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT. I tried to explain, but NOOOO she won’t take any word but her own. She put me down and stepped all over me, just because I asked a very sane and reasonable question. She put me up there as a sort of example of SOMETHING SHE DIDN’T WANT TO SEE. When all I was trying to do was save my own hide. So I just grumbled to my friends, that if my mum decided to ream me for not knowing when I’d be done, I’d tell her to go see my teacher.

Exhibit 2.

Right, I was applying for that scholarship thingy, to go to that Prof. Harry Messel Science School in Australia. But the thing needs comments from the Head Science Teacher and the Headmistress. So we (me and a couple of other students) decided we’d give it to the teacher in charge, and she’d ferry the whole bundle to where they needed to go. Earlier that morning I’d asked that lady to check my personal statement. I said thank you. Humble. Deferring.

Later (Now pay attention to this bit), she’d asked me to pass the applications to the Head Science Teacher. I looked through, and I was quite miffed to see that for Ji Jian, she gave ‘He has our un-somethingorother support’ (or something along those lines), and for me it was just ‘We wish her the best’. I wasn’t sure who wrote it, it could have been that lady, or it could have been the Science Teacher, who had it sent to that lady for grammar checking or whatnot. There were spelling errors. >.> So anyway, I couldn’t find the Science Teacher, so I went back and that lady told me to write a note, From Pn. Vasantha. (V.I. people, you know who I’m talking about) So I did it and left it on the table.

Later on, I’d realised she didn’t sign my co-curricular book. So I went to ask her for her signature. And you know what? She had the absolute NERVE to say to me,

I don’t sign books for people who don’t say thank you.

I totally didn’t get it. I asked Shawny, and apparently, this bitch (I shall now start referring to her as such) had been going around telling all her girls that the Science students didn’t thank her. I mean, WTF? But okay, I thought it couldn’t hurt, so I went back, and said…

Teacher, I get it. Thank you very much teacher.

And you know what that bitch did? She brushed me off. ‘It’s rather late.’ she said. I was like… what the hell? So I was like… Sorry teacher… I didn’t know. We passed it to another teacher. The Head Science Teacher was supposed to write it. And she’s like… ‘Sorry is a bit too late. I told you right? I sent you with the applications to the Headmistress, Written by Pn Vasantha?’

Now, scroll back up, and re-check what she told me to do at that time.

So I was like.. No, You told me to give it to the Science Teacher, just saying from Pn. Vas. And she’s like… YES but wasn’t it OBVIOUS that I wrote it? I’m very disappointed that my students are so rude. They can’t even bother to thank me. I just hope my girls aren’t like that.

And I’m like.. IS THIS BITCH SERIOUS? It’s her effing job man! And it’s so immature of her to deny someone something (which is also her job) simply because they didn’t say thank you. I would have GLADLY thanked her PROFUSELY if I’d known, without a doubt that she wrote it. And in the first place, she gave me a crap testimonial. But she’s acting like THIS?

Anyway, after that I stayed to help the girls, and once again before we left, I said sorry. And she’s like.. I might forgive you if you bring the Transformers for me on Friday. Okay. Take note of that.

Exhibit 3.

So I brought the Transformers Movie on Friday. It was Maal Hijrah, so all the non-Muslim students of the school were packed in the Lecture Hall. I was like her damn gofer. Covering and uncovering the projector when she told me to. The boys (keep in mind, these are the nonMuslims of the ENTIRE SCHOOL) wanted to watch Transformers. So I jacked in my thumbdrive, and tried to play it. Well, boohoo, no codec. So it didn’t play. Bitch got flustered. I stood there, trying to see why it wasn’t playing. She had Madagascar open in another window, so I minimised it, because she was talking to the students anyway.

And this bitch turns to me, still speaking on the damn mic, Samantha, don’t turn off the movie! and I’m like, I’m not turning off the movie!

And then she grabbed my arm hard, and yanked me backwards and down, and yelled Samantha, SIT! straight into the mic. Like a damn

DOG she treated me, in front of all my juniors. If I weren’t so

damned surprised, I’d have SLAPPED HER right across her bloody face in front of all those students and see how she likes it. She DEBASED me, HUMILIATED me in front of all those students. My friends were surprised too.

If she wanted to treat one of the younger boys like that, fine. But I’m a lady. I’m 19 years old, and I am considered an adult. And she treated me like that. That bitch has absolutely no right. And she’s supposed to be the Girls’ Club Teacher! What kind of example is she setting if she treats her own girls like that? I used to give her the benefit of the doubt when some of my guy friends would insult her, but I’m not going to give a damn anymore.

There. Now if any one of you happen to meet her, don’t be fooled. Just slap her. It’ll save you a lot of heartache later on. If she tries to make another scene, I’ll give her a damn scene.

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