Friday, February 20, 2009

So, today is my BIRTHDAY~ I’m gonna be sparse on the formatting here, as I’d like to post this before it turns into an un-birthday.

When it turned midnight, Zy texted me~ And Thiru too! I went to my Mum, and posed at her doorway, and she wished me too~ She gave me these beautiful prayer beads, since I’d lost my beautiful crystal prayer beads from Tibet. She said they’re semi-precious stones. The beads, that is. Most of them were a deep amber, and kinda translucent, and the rest were a shiny black. I love it~

So I Picrossed a bit, and I think I only fell asleep at like 2.30am. When I woke up this morning, how nice! Sher, Shawny and Jimi had texted me! I was glad. Though Jimi’s text said 4am. o.O I want a prezzie. He so owes me one. Anyway.

Went to school~ Erica wished me, and so did Yip. Then Sher walked past with Jonas, and Sher yelled happy birthday really loud~ I was glad. Most everybody who saw me that morning, who knew that is (which was quite a lot) wished me. But I felt kinda ill, so I decided to lie down, and I skipped lines. Jonas came in and said hi~ Happy birthday~ and I said… sick. Bumped his head~

Eventually, I felt okay enough. I pranced next door. Esther and Shawny and Petrina and um… Chiam and JiJian and Charmaine wished me~ I looked at Shawny. Where’smy prezzie? She said.. I didn’t buy lah. Awww. Nevermind. I’ll wait.

So anyway, it was really boring. I went back to class, and we just rolled around a bit. I distributed some cookies~ And leeched heat from Jonas. Eventually I went to sleep at the side.

Then Shawny came, and woke me up, saying, Samantha, Vasantha wants to see you in my class. I was quite muddled, and in my right mind, I would have realised that that woman would never be in a class. She’d have asked me to go down to the open hall. Well anyway, I got up, and turned, and there was Charmaine, with a cake! And everyone sang me happy birthday~ And I made a wish, and I blew out the one candle. Then Shawny pushed the candle into the cake, and told me I had to take it out with my teeth.

So I proceeded to do so, and Shawny shoved my face into the copious amounts of fake buttercream. It was quite pink. Shawny took a photo. XD The cake was a sponge cake, and kinda dry, and it had like 1 and a half centimetres of cream. But it made for good fun though. I really appreciated it, since they did buy it for me. Shawny gave me two prezzies, from BF. One was a purple cow purse from Memory Lane, and the other was a necklace with a sparkly pendant in the shape of a C. There were no more S’s.

I went to Math in good humour, and then suddenly Charmaine popped up with another prezzie! It was from Sher and Chee~ I opened it, and laughed. Two Transformers Animated colouring books! I loved them. After all, I like art, and I like Transformers~ I was touched that he remembered. He seems to think that they weren’t that great, but I really love them. XD Makes me feel young again.

In the afternoon, I went out for lunch with the parents and bro. Mum gave me an angpau~ Dad gave me munny too~ We went to Tesco for Pizza Hut, and I went to Tesco and bought lots of junk. I also happily bought myself a birthday present. Stainless steel measuring cups~ Beautiful.

Then I went to meet Najwa at Great Eastern Mall. I reached there earlier than she did. I went to look at the puppies in the pet store. There were golden retriever puppies. Extra cute. And there was a pompuppy! But she had floppy ears and was sleeping. I met Naj at Starbucks, and proceeded to tell her eeeeeeeeeeeeeverything. Caramel Hot Chocolate is nyummy.

Then Tareeq arrived! He seems okay. But I don’t think he’s THAT mature. I mean, from his mannerisms and such. He seems strange. I feel a bit scared for Najwa. She seems to be paying for his things. Not all things, but… you know. Calling him because his phone is barred, buying him a wookie figurine for valentine’s, buying him a frappe… I thought the guy was supposed to do this? I dunno. Well, Naj couldn’t pay attention to two people at once… So I sort of.. drifted. I went to see if the pom was awake, and yes she was! So cute. I came back, and they were still talking. I tried to tell Naj something, but I didn’t feel comfortable about him hearing it.. so I decided not to.

Later we went back. Naj sent me home. I told her I felt kinda ignored.. so we agreed that maybe I shouldn’t go out with her with her bf. So it’s okay. I told her what I wanted to tell her.

Overall, the day was good. I’m just kinda vaguely pissed. I shall tell.

EDIT : Have removed. A bit upsetting. I am very sorry to X. Merely my opinion, but I have kept it in my personal archives. I OWE YOU OUTING X~ WE WILL EAT ICE CREAM AND um... YOU CAN DRESS ME UP.

But enough of that. It is the last of my 19th birthday. Thank you everyone for your wishes! You have made me a very happy mewplant~ *fluffs daisies and preens*

EDIT : Photos of prezzies~ No photo of creamface me though. Shawny hasn't come online yet.

DSC00011All my prezzies so far~

DSC00005Necklace~ I dropped the pendant though, and the little jewels came out. I had to stick them back with superglue, but they’re not as sparkly anymore. ;_;

DSC00006Ladybug pillow thing from Naj. It’s been sort of strapped up across its middle, so it looks more like an oioi.

DSC00007Purse! Cute cowface. I need to figure out exactly who gave this to me though.   

DSC00008Hurhur. My colouring books.

DSC00010My new prayer beads!

DSC00012Shiny~~~ and see-through too~  

And now some completely unrelated photos~

DSC00001A landscape I was bored enough to draw on U6BF’s whiteboard. There was to be a forest and a waterfall on the left, but they had MUET. It was rubbed off.

DSC00002A mouse bank I made when I was still in kindy methinks. At art class. My mum kept 1sens and 5sens in it. Then the 1sens were discontinued. It’s very heavy now.

DSC00003Two banana trees growing from the gutter on the roof of the Form 6 block. Hopefully we’ll have some nice bananas.

DSC00004A piece of pork Jonas dropped on the balcony wall of the 2nd Floor. It had been deemed that the entire Form 6 block was now haram, because of the continuity of cement. *swt*   

And.. yeah.

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