Monday, January 19, 2009

Alright. So the long and short of it is, I’m not loved. Or remotely liked. In the sense that you probably get what I’m talking about. Ignored. And it’s quite depressing. But anyway.

Yesterday went for dinner with the aunts and uncles. We ate at this seafood place. Took some fascinating photos, which I shall share with you now along with photos taken earlier. Let’s begin.

DSC00002 Photo of, if I’m not mistaken, Roborovski hamsters. Really cute, and really small, and doing a pyramid. They do as all hamsters do, and huddle and sleep. This one though, is being mischievous and climbing on his sleeping fellows.

DSC00003 Me and Shawny camwhoring in school. Fun times, fun times.

DSC00005 The guardhouse cat. Loves to be petted. And very manja. I don’t know where he is now though. This photo was taken last year.

DSC00006 Kissing teddys! We’d bought little teddy handphone accessories for the seniors for our Music Club AGM last year. We also put them in lines and had Lines, with teddy prefects. Didn’t manage to take a photo of that though.

DSC00008 A sperm some genius drew on a table in Universiti Malaya in liquid paper. ‘Nuff said.

DSC00015 Sher has this beautiful side profile. I should draw him some day. This was taken in boredom during the Math Olympiad thing. Sher is currently in goodness knows where, studying for the Math Olympiad. He got chosen to go to the next stage.

DSC00023 My niece, Charlotte. The absolute cutest thing on Earth. She can’t speak properly just yet, and she’s really tall, but she’s just 2. She loves me lots. When I went for Xmas dinner, she insisted that I be with her all the time, and when she got sleepy, I helped her get ready for bed and she curled up on my lap, sucking her pacifier until I went home. The next time I saw her, she’d happily run to me and scream ‘jiejie!!’ whenever she spotted me. I totally heart her.

For comparison. Charlotte at one month. I think she knows my smell.

DSC00028 Yeow Ji Mi. The new Him? Or the old one… HMMM. In any case, He ALWAYS POSES FOR PHOTOS. Swt.

DSC00031 My new blouse for Chinese New Year~ I love it to bits. Very sexy and elegant. Chinese New Year is the only time I actually deign to buy pink.


DSC00033 Your greatest nightmare : GEODUCKS!!!! Pronounced gooey-duck. Very obscene, but considered a delicacy. RM200 per large geoduck. Hand shown for reference.

DSC00034 The family had crab. I helped crack them open. It looks very… gruesome. I killed someone.

DSC00036 Suspected murder weapon.

DSC00035And just for kicks, the table next door had this jelly cake. SO CUTE.


That’s all for today. I’ll have another fun photo blogging experience some other day. Ta~

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