Monday, January 5, 2009

I was looking up Jon & Kate Plus 8 on YouTube. The kids are cute, but Kate is rather irritating. I kind of don’t like her. I was watching the episode the other day, about how they decided to take all the kids on a skiing trip. And she was going on about how she WANTED her kids to experience things, and I remembered how on their website, someone had asked her about college funds for the kids. She answered, that she didn't know what they were going to do yet. She said she was hoping that God would provide.

And yet you watch them going on ski trips, buying each of their children ski equipment, new clothes, letting each of them learn whatever instrument they want and buying said instrument for them, and you start thinking, they're living it pretty easy. How can she say she's not sure about college funds, and hoping that 'God will provide', when they don't even seem to be making the effort to put away money for the kids? I'd rather save up all the extra money so that the kids can get a full education than use that money so that they gain new experiences, such as skiing.

At this moment, that QnA is not on her site anymore, but now, she has verses from the Bible up there. I mean, I usually don’t really mind Christians and their religion, but she is really really into it. Like seriously. Like oh, God, I am happy that You are wherever I go, I am glad for your omnipresence, and her favourite verse was something along the lines of as long as you place your hope in the Lord, you will have the energy, and goodness knows all sorts of things are promised. I do not enjoy religious people. Especially when they go around spouting religious stuff. Oh goodness, and how excited she gets about how great God is and how her kids are so excited too.

Personally, I fully believe that God is Man-made. Humans, as weak as we are, created God. So that whenever we think that something is just too difficult, or life goes wrong or… well.. anything for the matter. We put it up to this Divine Being. If it goes well, yes! God has helped me. If it doesn’t go so well, God didn’t want it for me. I respect His choice. In that way, life becomes much much easier. You don’t have to keep wondering. You don’t have to think or worry so much. Because God will always always be there for you.

No offence to the believers, but to me this is utter hogwash. How can people expect me to believe in the all-seeing Lord, who loves each and every one of us, when wars happen, people suffer and die, and all these horrible things happen? If God was so great, if God loves us all, why didn’t He do something? There are people out there who aren’t even given the CHANCE to make a better life for themselves, and they lose hope, and stop believing. And that means, they go to Hell. For what? For suffering their whole lives? And all those Holy Wars? I totally believe in the line from the Da Vinci Code, something along the lines of ‘ever since there has been One God, men have died in His name’. I don’t believe God would actively tell you to go and attack another group of humans, because they are infidels, and they are non-believers, and they threaten what God is doing. Because the other group of humans were also made by God. And God loves all his creations. Not to mention the other side would also say that God is on their side.

This omnipresence that Kate talks about, it was discussed in this book that my Dad bought, called the God Delusion, written by Richard Dawkins. It’s a fascinating book, and brings up all these inconsistencies. It is said that God is omniscient. Which essentially means, he knows every little thing that is going to happen. However, he made Man. And then Man became corrupt because of Satan and goodness knows what, and God was very sad because they were killing each other and all that and he told Noah to build his ark, and he flooded the world and killed everyone. Now, if God were really omniscient and all that, He’d have known all this was going to happen, and would have done something. I can’t remember the whole argument, just that it made hell of alot of sense. I should read the book properly.

And that’s my rant for the night. When I can’t sleep and have school in 5 hours.

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